Exodus Congregation is one of the Regional Fellowship areas outside of Melpa Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea Head Quarter in Mount Hagen. Exodus Congregation in Port Moresby, the Capital City of Papua New Guinea. It started within a family with few individuals with the strength and Power of the Holi Spirit. It has expanded over a period of ten years and now it has 6 House Prayers at certain suburbs in Port Moresby

MLSGA -Southern Region

Melpa Lutheran Students and Graduate Association is a church organized association comprises of students, graduates, school leavers, business and working class people. It was an initiative taken by some of our pioneer students, graduates and elites with an aim to unite fellow students and Working class alike. It’s a unique platform being created by our very own elites. Perhaps to bind us together as the flesh of Christ Jesus so that we could hold on to our Christian values, principles and most of all our faith in Lord, Jesus Christ in the midst of this challenging and ever changing modern PNG society. 

Despite of circumstances and challenges our senior elites have to endure, they eventually managed to organize and form it with the help of our Good Lord, Almighty God. The association was officially recognized and launched in 2009. It was thereafter blessed by Late Bishop Rt. Reverend Sanagke Dole for the members to commence its envisioned program activities.  

The MLSGA_Southern Region is the sub set of MLSGA in Papua New Guinea based in National Capital District, Port Moresby. The primary focus and mission of its existence is to gather and unite scattered souls especially students, graduates and other elites whom we share the common Christian faith under Melpa Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea. MLSGA_ Southern Region comprises of six provinces namely NCD, Western, Gulf, Central, Millen-bay and Oro. Our first priority or target is to coordinate with the members of the MLSGA_Sothern Region in NCD alone, since most of the members are residing there; our focus is to get them to know more about the purpose, objectives and mission of this association. One of the biggest challenges that is hindering us effectively assemble or congregate them for us carry out some relevant planned activities towards achieving the indented objectives and mission of this association is the work and study commitments and the location or residences in which each members live and work. 

Regardless of above challenge one of key area the executives have been focusing on is building communication link and channel with the members of the association. Handful of schools we’ve tried to established communication network to begin with are University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), Institute of Business Studies (IBS), International training institute (ITI), Don Bosco Tec, Port Moresby Tec college, Port Moresby Business College and etc…as the executives we are committed to work with the elites and the students so that together we can make a difference.

Exodus Congregation is playing a pivotal part in creating a platform whereby we are able to meet and get to know each other and we thanked GOD for making that possible. Through Exodus Congregation in Port Moresby, we hope that we will make good progress as move on from time to time. Moreover, the Exodus Congregation operates under the centralized system which we also part of that system. Anything to do with MLSGA SR it has to go through the Exodus Congregation executives before us as we work hand in hand with its executives, members, youth and Sunday school.


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What is the next meeting

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MLSGA second meeting
Date: 11th-09-2021 (Coming week's Saturday)
Time: 1pm-4pm
Venue: Morata Chapel

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