Exodus Congregation is one of the Regional Fellowship areas outside of Melpa Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea Head Quarter in Mount Hagen. Exodus Congregation in Port Moresby, the Capital City of Papua New Guinea. It started within a family with few individuals with the strength and Power of the Holi Spirit. It has expanded over a period of ten years and now it has 6 House Prayers at certain suburbs in Port Moresby

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

 Dear friends in the Lord. Today we will center our discussion on the Gospel of Matthew 18:21-35. It is about the account of Peter asking Jesus about the forgiving others and Jesus answered him on how many times we have to forgive others.

The bible reads:

Then Peter came to Jesus  and asked, "Lord, if my brother keeps on sinning against me, how many times do I have to forgive? Seven times?"

"No, not seven times," answered Jesus, " but seventy times seven, because the Kingdom of Heaven is like this.  A servant owed a king million dollars, the king ordered him be sold as slave with his wife and children and all that he had in order to pay the debt.

The servant fell on his knee before king, 'Be patient with me' he begged, and I will pay you everything!'

The king felt sorry for him, so he forgave him the debt and let him go.  

Then the man went out and met one of his fellow servants who owed him a few dollars. He grabbed him and started Choking him. 'Pay back what you owe me!' he said, his fellow servant fell down and begged him, ' Be patient with me and I will pay you back!' But he refused and thrown him into the jail.

The king was told about this and he said to the servant, you worthless slave! I forgave you the whole amount you owed me, just because you asked me to. You should have mercy on your fellow servant. So he sent the servant to jail until he pay back the whole amount. 

Jesus concluded, that is how my Father in Heaven will treat everyone of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart."


The key points in this scripture are Forgiveness and Self Judging. Forgive your brothers by heart is what Jesus wants us to do. Even if they sin against us many times, we have to forgive every time. 

Also we do not have to judge others because we do not realise that we are also judged by other people. Jesus explained regarding the servant scenario. Even though he was forgiven by the king of the million dollar he owed to the king, he decided to condemn the fellow servant who owed a few dollars. In the end, he was also punished for showing no mercy to his fellow servant.

So friends, we do not have to judge others because for what we measure against others,  the same measure will use to judge against us. So always forgive and forget about any or all wrong doings by others to us and never judged others. In that way, our Father in Heaven will not judge against us for what we do and He will have mercy on us and forgive us and set us free from sins and we will be free indeed with him in Heaven.

May the Lord bless his words unto our hearts. Amen.

Exodus Congregation - Confirmation Service  - (photo credits. John Mungrui Matthew)


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