Exodus Congregation is one of the Regional Fellowship areas outside of Melpa Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea Head Quarter in Mount Hagen. Exodus Congregation in Port Moresby, the Capital City of Papua New Guinea. It started within a family with few individuals with the strength and Power of the Holi Spirit. It has expanded over a period of ten years and now it has 6 House Prayers at certain suburbs in Port Moresby

Exodus Congregation Annual Easter Camp Commennced on the 9th to 12th April 2020

Exodus Congregation commenced its annual Easter Bible Camp for 2020 at Six Mile Haus Prea and is expected to end on Sunday 12th April 2020.
Despite the National State of Emergency the Congregation members commenced the event as planed. By the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we were saved and will be save.

The Theme of the Easter Camp as it reads in pidgin:

Long Marimari Bilong God Tasol

God is Marimari long mi na mekim mi kamap man olsem nau mi stap, long marimari bilong God yet em I givim mi strong long mekim wok bilong em. (1 Korin 15:10)

Easter Banner - 2020, Photo courtesy of Exodus Youths


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