Exodus Congregation is one of the Regional Fellowship areas outside of Melpa Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea Head Quarter in Mount Hagen. Exodus Congregation in Port Moresby, the Capital City of Papua New Guinea. It started within a family with few individuals with the strength and Power of the Holi Spirit. It has expanded over a period of ten years and now it has 6 House Prayers at certain suburbs in Port Moresby

The Question about Rising from Death

This Sunday's Scriptures  are taken from the the following bible verses:

Job 19:23-27
2 Thessalonians 2;1-5,13-17
Luke 20;27-38
Psalm 17;1-9

Please read the other scriptures yourself(ves) but we will go through together the gospel of Luke 20:27-38. In this portion of the gospel it talks about rising from death which the Sadducees asked Jesus and he answered the questions  and they asked no more.

Some Sadducees who say that people will not rise from death, came to Jesus and said, "Teacher, Moses wrote this law for us: 'If a man dies and leave a wife but no children, that man's brother must marry the widow so that they have children who will be considered as the dead man's children. Once there were seven brothers. The oldest got married and died without having children. Then the second one married the woman and then the third and the same thing happened to all seven. They died without having children. Then the last of all woman died. now, on the day when the dead rise to life, whose wife will she be? All seven of them have married her."

Jesus answered them, " The men and women of this age marry, but the men and women who are worthy to rise from death and live in the age to come will not then marry. They will be like angels and cannot die. They are the children of God, because they have risen from death. And Moses clearly proves that the dead are raised to life. In the passage about the burning bush he speaks of the Lord 'the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.' He is the god of living, not of the dead, for to him all are alive."

Bible Discussion

In the Gospel of Luke Chapter 20 verses 27 to 38 teaches us that the dead will rise to life. No doubt those who are worthy to rise from dead will live in an age to come. They will not die and live forever like angels. In today's day and age, men and women marry and have family but when we die and are worthy to rise from dead then we live in a new age and be like angels.

Now, can we ask ourselves, Am I worthy to rise from the dead? What are the criterias to be worthy to rise from dead. All human beings are for sure are borned and die. After death, there is another life to live forever. In order to live, we have to rise from the dead and for us to rise from dead we have to be worth it or worthy to rise or we have to be qualified to rise from the dead.

How can we qualify to be raised from the dead. There is nothing we can be sure of doing something to be qualified to rise from the dead. The only way we have to do is have faith in Jesus Christ our King and Saviour and know that the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob is the living God. Only the Grace of our Sovereign God will save us and rais us from the dead at his on timing and we live like angels in the new age forever and ever. Amen.

The Lord Bless you and keep you.
The Lord Bless you and make his face shine upon you.
The Lord be with you now and forever.
Photo Courtesy of Junior Noki: Kontkona Melpa Lutheran Church Stadium


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